Calculation of emergent constraints on ECS#

Diagnostic script to calculate various emergent constraints for ECS.


Calculate the X axis of various emergent constraints for the equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS).


Manuel Schlund (DLR, Germany)



Configuration options in recipe#

diag: str

Emergent constraint to calculate (must be one of 'brient_shal', 'su', 'volodin', 'zhai').

metric: str, optional (default: ‘regression_slope’)

Metric to measure model error. Only relevant for Su et al. (2014) constraint. Must be one of 'regression_slope', 'correlation_coefficient'.

n_jobs: int, optional (default: 1)

Maximum number of jobs spawned by this class.

output_attributes: dict, optional

Write additional attributes to netcdf files.

pattern: str, optional

Pattern matched against ancestor file names.

savefig_kwargs: dict

Keyword arguments for matplotlib.pyplot.savefig().

seaborn_settings: dict

Options for seaborn.set_theme() (affects all plots).