Broken recipe policy#

Recipes might stop working for different reasons. Among those are, for instance, withdrawal of datasets used by the recipe (i.e. the recipe contains data that are no longer publicly available), backward incompatible development of the ESMValTool including new features or retiring old ones as well as changes to Python or used dependencies such as library functions. In such cases, the Maintaining a recipe is contacted by the technical lead development team (@ESMValGroup/technical-lead-development-team) to find a solution, fixing the affected recipe and checking the scientific output after applying the fix. If no recipe maintainer is available, such recipes will be flagged by the release manager during the Release schedule and procedure as “broken”. For this, the affected recipe will be added to the list of broken recipes, together with the version number of the last known release in which the recipe was still working. If a recipe continues to be broken for three releases of the ESMValTool (about one year) and no recipe maintainer could be found during this time, the affected recipe and diagnostics will be retired. This means the recipe and diagnostic code are removed from the ESMValTool main branch by the release manager and thus will not be included in future releases. Only the scientific documentation of the recipe (and diagnostics) will be kept in the user and developer guide with an additional note and link to the last release in which the recipe was still fully functional.