Source code for esmvalcore.exceptions

"""Exceptions that may be raised by ESMValCore."""
import sys

[docs] class Error(Exception): """Base class from which other exceptions are derived."""
[docs] class SuppressedError(Exception): """Errors subclassed from SuppressedError hide the full traceback. This can be used for simple user-facing errors that do not need the full traceback. """
def _suppressed_hook(error, message, traceback): """""" if issubclass(error, SuppressedError): # Print only the message and hide the traceback print(f'{error.__name__}: {message}', file=sys.stderr) else: # Print full traceback sys.__excepthook__(error, message, traceback) sys.excepthook = _suppressed_hook
[docs] class InvalidConfigParameter(Error, SuppressedError): """Config parameter is invalid."""
[docs] class MissingConfigParameter(UserWarning): """Config parameter is missing."""
[docs] class RecipeError(Error): """Recipe contains an error.""" def __init__(self, msg): super().__init__(msg) self.message = msg self.failed_tasks = []
[docs] class InputFilesNotFound(RecipeError): """Files that are required to run the recipe have not been found."""
[docs] class ESMValCoreDeprecationWarning(UserWarning): """Custom deprecation warning."""