The ESMValCore package provides the esmvaltool command line tool, which can be used to run a recipe.

To run a recipe, call esmvaltool run with the desired recipe:

esmvaltool run recipe_python.yml

If the configuration file is not in the default location ~/.esmvaltool/config-user.yml, you can pass its path explicitly:

esmvaltool run --config_file /path/to/config-user.yml recipe_python.yml

It is also possible to explicitly change values from the config file using flags:

esmvaltool run --argument_name argument_value recipe_python.yml

To get help on additional commands, please use

esmvaltool --help


ESMValTool command line interface is created using the Fire python package. This package supports the creation of completion scripts for the Bash and Fish shells. Go to to learn how to set up them.