Working with the installed recipesΒΆ

Although ESMValTool can be used just to simplify the management of data and the creation of your own analysis code, one of its main strengths is the continuously growing set of diagnostics and metrics that it directly provides to the user. These metrics and diagnostics are provided as a set of preconfigured recipes that users can run or customize for their own analysis. The latest list of available recipes can be found here.

In order to make the management of these installed recipes easier, ESMValTool provides the recipes command group with utilities that help the users in discovering and customizing the provided recipes.

The first command in this group allows users to get the complete list of installed recipes printed to the console:

esmvaltool recipes list

If the user then wants to explore any one of this recipes, they can be printed using the following command

esmvaltool recipes show recipe_name.yml

And finally, to get a local copy that can then be customized and run, users can use the following command

esmvaltool recipes get recipe_name.yml