Source code for esmvalcore.preprocessor._rolling_window

"""Rolling-window operations on data cubes."""

import logging

from iris.cube import Cube

from ._shared import get_iris_aggregator

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] def rolling_window_statistics( cube: Cube, coordinate: str, operator: str, window_length: int, **operator_kwargs, ): """Compute rolling-window statistics over a coordinate. Parameters ---------- cube: Input cube. coordinate: Coordinate over which the rolling-window statistics is calculated. operator: The operation. Used to determine the :class:`iris.analysis.Aggregator` object used to calculate the statistics. Allowed options are given in :ref:`this table <supported_stat_operator>`. **operator_kwargs: Optional keyword arguments for the :class:`iris.analysis.Aggregator` object defined by `operator`. window_length: Size of the window to use. Returns ------- iris.cube.Cube Rolling-window statistics cube. """ (agg, agg_kwargs) = get_iris_aggregator(operator, **operator_kwargs) cube = cube.rolling_window(coordinate, agg, window_length, *agg_kwargs) return cube