Source code for esmvalcore.preprocessor._cycles

"""Operations related to cycles (annual cycle, diurnal cycle, etc.)."""
import logging

import iris
import iris.coord_categorisation

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] def amplitude(cube, coords): """Calculate amplitude of cycles by aggregating over coordinates. Note ---- The amplitude is calculated as `peak-to-peak` amplitude (difference between maximum and minimum value of the signal). Other amplitude types are currently not supported. Parameters ---------- cube : iris.cube.Cube Input data. coords : str or list of str Coordinates over which is aggregated. For example, use ``'year'`` to extract the annual cycle amplitude for each year in the data or ``['day_of_year', 'year']`` to extract the diurnal cycle amplitude for each individual day in the data. If the coordinates are not found in ``cube``, try to add it via :mod:`iris.coord_categorisation` (at the moment, this only works for the temporal coordinates ``day_of_month``, ``day_of_year``, ``hour``, ``month``, ``month_fullname``, ``month_number``, ``season``, ``season_number``, ``season_year``, ``weekday``, ``weekday_fullname``, ``weekday_number`` or ``year``. Returns ------- iris.cube.Cube Amplitudes. Raises ------ iris.exceptions.CoordinateNotFoundError A coordinate is not found in ``cube`` and cannot be added via :mod:`iris.coord_categorisation`. """ if isinstance(coords, str): coords = [coords] # Add coordinate if necessary for coord_name in coords: if cube.coords(coord_name): continue logger.debug("Trying to add coordinate '%s' to cube via iris." "coord_categorisation", coord_name) if hasattr(iris.coord_categorisation, f'add_{coord_name}'): getattr(iris.coord_categorisation, f'add_{coord_name}')(cube, 'time') logger.debug("Added temporal coordinate '%s'", coord_name) else: raise iris.exceptions.CoordinateNotFoundError( f"Coordinate '{coord_name}' is not a coordinate of cube " f"{cube.summary(shorten=True)} and cannot be added via " f"iris.coord_categorisation") # Calculate amplitude max_cube = cube.aggregated_by(coords, iris.analysis.MAX) min_cube = cube.aggregated_by(coords, iris.analysis.MIN) amplitude_cube = max_cube - min_cube amplitude_cube.metadata = cube.metadata return amplitude_cube