Psyplot Diagnostic#

Create arbitrary Psyplot plots.


This diagnostic provides a high-level interface to Psyplot.


Manuel Schlund (DLR, Germany)


For each input dataset, an individual plot is created. This diagnostic supports arbitrary variables of arbitrary datasets.

Configuration options in recipe#

psyplot_func: str

Function used to plot the data. Must be a function of psyplot.project.plot. Run python -c "from psyplot.project import plot; print(plot.show_plot_methods())" to get a list of all currently supported plotting functions (make sure to run this command in your ESMValTool environment).

psyplot_kwargs: dict, optional

Optional keyword arguments for the plotting function given by psyplot_func. String arguments can include facets in curly brackets which will be derived from the corresponding dataset, e.g., clabel: '{long_name} [{units}]', title: '{long_name} Climatology of {dataset} ({start_year}-{end_year})'.

savefig_kwargs: dict, optional

Optional keyword arguments for matplotlib.pyplot.savefig(). By default, uses bbox_inches: tight, dpi: 300, orientation: landscape.

seaborn_settings: dict, optional

Options for seaborn.set_theme() (affects all plots).